Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

Official Stamp of Clean

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned, our new defensive pathogen cleaning program, goes way beyond standard janitorial cleaning practices. This is proactive viral pathogen cleaning. SERVPRO of Grapevine/NE Tarrant County is Here to Help! Call us today for a free quote! 817-595-2506.

Fabric Dye: Bleeding Prevention

Our team members treat our customers laundry as if it was their own. Bleeding happens when dye is dislodged and moved while suspended in a liquid cleaning solution. Test a small area first, If bleeding occurs, apply a dye fixative to help set the dye and stop bleeding.

Daily Line-Up

Action shot! Our fleet lines up every morning to prepare to head out for a day of water and fire damage restoration. Our trucks are always prepped and ready to go for any call that we get, day or night!

WIP Meeting Room

This is where the magic happens. Our team meets here together every morning to determine our course of action through the day and how to better help our customers receive the best service possible.

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned

We know that the safety of Grapevine school employees, children, and families are top of mind. Contact our office for a free quote of services to ensure everyone's peace of mind when returning to school this upcoming school year.

Are You Taking Precautionary Measures?

Whether someone has tested positive for COVID-19 or if you are just wanting to have preventative cleaning done, our team is fully equipped to clean your crowded office space. Wiping down can only get so far, so that is why we also offer a fogging solution to get into the nooks and crannies of your office space.

COVID-19 Prevention Cleaning -High Touch Points

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, multiple commercial businesses have entrusted our SERVPRO of Grapevine/NE Tarrant County team to aid in disinfecting their facilities. This particular photo was a preventative cleaning, meaning that there were no positive cases in the building, however they wanted to take measures that make it more difficult for their facility to be affected by the virus. These services include wiping down the high touch points, such as door knobs, light switches, phones, etc., as well as horizontal surfaces.

24 Hour Emergency Services

We know that water doesn't wait until business hours to cause damage, and we don't wait until business hours to clean it up. We offer 24 hour emergency services so you can reopen as soon as possible. 


We take drying seriously here at SERVPRO of Grapevine/NE Tarrant County. That's why we may drill holes in baseboards and point our air movers at them. We want to make sure air gets inside the structure to dry it completely so there's no chance of secondary damage. 

We Love Helping Out.

For us, we love helping people out. It's the very nature of what we do! We also love to extend that to our communities, as seen here with Kylan, our Business Development Manager and Phillip, our Marketing Manager, donating chairs to a local school! 

We Can Clean It!

Did you know that we do contents cleaning? If your belongings were in a fire or a major water loss, we can take them back to our shop and our cleaning department will make them look good as new. Just take a look at this before and after of a picture frame we recently cleaned that was in a fire, it's seriously cool! 

Congratulations, Kylan!

Kylan, one of our Business Development Managers, is doing amazing things out there! We wanted to say congratulations because he was named ambassador of the year for the Colleyville Area Chamber of Commerce! If you see him out and about be sure to congratulate him! 

Cleaning Debris in Southlake, Texas

Sometimes, damage is extensive enough that you have to completely remove flooring, baseboards, or other affected materials. We have the team and resources to pull out materials and haul them away for you. The water damage in this Southlake home was extensive enough that we had to get our trailer on site so we could remove the non-salvageable material to make room for reconstruction. If you have water damage, fire damage, or mold in your home, call us today at 817-595-2506!