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Commercial General Clean Up in Roanoke, TX

This commercial facility located in Roanoke, Texas, had some very heavy build up of dust and dirt and food traces that had accumulated over some time. They real... READ MORE

Water Damage in Westlake, TX

This residential home located in Westlake, Texas, suffered some bad water damage when the hot water heater in the attic had a leak and leaked into the house. Th... READ MORE

Water Damage Sewage Cleanup Keller TX

This dentist office in Keller Texas was flooded by a sewage backup. A contracting company was digging across the street and accidentally hit a sewage pipe. The ... READ MORE

Mold Remediation in Keller, TX

This home in Keller Texas had a faulty gutter on the outside of the structure. The rain water leaked into the walls of one of the bedrooms and caused mold to gr... READ MORE

Mold Remediation in Roanoke, TX

This home in Roanoke Texas had mold growing on the wall of their game room. The room was located in the basement and a recent storm had caused rain water to lea... READ MORE

Mold remediation in Keller, TX

This therapy rehabilitation center in Keller Texas found microbial mold growth on the lower part of one of the walls. They had a leak in their roof that they we... READ MORE

Mold remediation in Southlake, TX

This homeowner in Southlake Texas found microbial mold growing in their laundry room. Their hot water heater had a faulty hose that caused a leak. The hot water... READ MORE

Water Damage Sewage Cleanup Grapevine TX

These homeowners in Grapevine Texas were devastated when a sewage leak flooded their home while they were away on vacation. The large amount of water warped the... READ MORE

Fire and Smoke Damage Grapevine TX

This home in Grapevine Texas had fire and smoke damage around the fireplace. A fire quickly got out of hand and damaged the brick and the wooden mantel. Fortuna... READ MORE

Water Damage Fort Worth TX

Our customer in Fort Worth Texas called us on a Friday night when she walked into her flooded home. While she was away, the water line on her refrigerator conne... READ MORE